Ketubahs are finely crafted prenuptial agreements that state what the groom’s obligations, responsibilities, and rights will be in terms of his marital relationship to his wife. They represent the commitment that each partner is making in a marriage, and represent a promise that the spouses will abide by the words within. This beautiful tradition combines art, ceremony, and language and commitment, and is traditionally used in Jewish wedding ceremonies. However, this beautiful tradition has now expanded to marriages of every kind, and makes the perfect gift for any wedding. Ketubahs and More was founded by Ronald Broden, an ordained Cantor and Rabbi who has been overseeing marriages since the 1990s as a result of his vast experience delivering wedding services, and his experience in providing services to the Jewish and Interfaith community.

Ketubahs and More offers the most finely crafted and beautifully phrased Ketubahs for wedding ceremonies. We offer a huge variety of premade Ketubahs, and will also work with you to create a custom design. Each Ketubah we offer is decorated with a beautiful and detailed image, created by authentic Ketubah artists, alongside the text that will guide and shape your marriage. Your wedding day is the most important of your adult life, and a Ketubah spells out the exact nature of your commitment while celebrating the unique facets of your love.

There are so many options, how do we choose our Ketubah?

Before you begin to consider your Ketubah text, you must first check with your officiant to find out whether you need a specific type of text for your type of ceremony. Some officiants require very specific texts to ensure that your Ketubah adheres to their particular religious and denominational restraints. Because the Ketubah is a religious document, as well as a binding contract between the couple, it is very important that you review and confirm any options with your officiant before making your selection.

If your officiant has a very specific requirement for your text, know that you still have a tremendous amount of options to choose from. We pride ourselves on offering you the largest selection of Ketubah choice in the world, and you will have endless options regardless of which text you use.

You may find it useful to narrow down your choices by color, theme, or image. We have created a Wish List option for you to create a list of your favorites, and selecting your perfect design is the most enjoyable part of creating the perfect Ketubah to celebrate your love.

You might also consider how you would like to display your Ketubah in your home after the ceremony. Envisioning how your perfect Ketubah will decorate your home can also help you narrow down your options.

Please Note: We make the highest effort to ensure that the images we post in our gallery accurately reflect the colors of the printed piece. However, it is important to keep in mind that every device displays colors slightly differently, and for this reason we cannot guarantee that your final printed piece will be precisely color-matched with the image you see through your screen.

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